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24k magic - bruno mars

24k magic – Bruno Mars lyrics

Lyrics Bruno Mars – 24k magic Tonight. I just want to take you higher. Throw your hands up in the sky. Let’s set this party off right.(24k magic) Players, put yo’ pinky rings up...

all my friends - jacob sartorius

All my friends lyrics – Jacob Sartorius

Lyrics Jacon Sartorius – All my friends All my friends are comin over over. I wanna see all my friends.. Chillin in the backyard doin what we want tonight again. Hey, you know I...

square hammer - ghost

Square hammer lyrics – Ghost

Lyrics Ghost – Square hammer Living in the night. ‘Neath devils torn asunder. You call on me to solve a crooked rhyme. As I’m closing in. Imposing on your slumber. You call on me...