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Yellow Claw - Run Away

Run away – Yellow Claw

Lyrics Yellow Claw – Run away I do this for them I do this for you yeah Don’t you ever worry about a thing Cause we do it together now Run away baby Run awayyy...

Zedd - Addicted To A Memory ft. bahari

Addicted to a memory – Zedd

Lyrics Zedd – Addicted to a memory We are, we are a violent chemistry Love has taken this as far as we can reach But I can’t leave We are, we are, imagine ecstasy Holding...

Jeremih - Tonight Belongs To you

Tonight Belongs To You – Jeremih ft. Flo Rida

Lyrics Jeremih – Tonight Belongs To You ft. Flo Rida Wasn’t looking forward to hear the scar But today I was riding on lonely boulevard Wishing all wasn’t lost and then, then there you came Honestly...