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nothing to lose - vassy

Nothing to lose – Vassy lyrics

Lyrics Vassy – Nothing to lose I got no money, I don’t mind. No fancy plane to get me high. I got no diamonds or shiny shoes. But that’s okay.(nothing to lose) Had a...

lose control - matt simons

Lose control – Matt Simons lyrics

Lyrics Matt Simons – Lose control Escape with me, I’ll hold you tight. Let the sparks ignite the darkness while our hearts align. Run away with me, leave it all behind. We’re estranged from...

we have candy - die antwoord

We have candy – Die Antwoord lyrics

Lyrics Die Antwoord – We have candy Who is it? Some guy. Well open the fucking door. Helloo. Come to the dark side, we have candy. Yes, but do you have coffee? Unintelligible Whispers....