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slow down the flow - tal

Slow down the flow – Tal lyrics

Lyrics Tal – Slow down the flow World, world, world take time to breathe Everybody is always in a hurry Everybody is always in a hurry.(slow) We all have dreams, hopes and desires The...

winter bird - aurora

Winter bird – Aurora lyrics

Lyrics Aurora – Winter bird Walking in my sleep Like the naked dreams Will they wake up again? Do they sleep, do they dream?(winter bird) Feel it as the wind strokes my skin I...

vengeance on my mind - g-eazy

Vengeance on my mind – G-Eazy lyrics

Lyrics G-Eazy – Vengeance on my mind I feel no pain. Vengeance on my mind, all night, all day. I feel my rage. Once I get on and on, I’ll say. Yeah, yeahhh. Yeahhh....