Caramelo duro – Miguel letra

Letra Miguel – Caramelo duro Jaw Breaker to my demise, oh yeah (oh la la la la la) Blood sugar I feel it rise, oh Got that flavor, yeah, that’s something you can’t buy What are you made of, yeah That’s something that I like (oh la la la la la) Maybe now and later, […]

Come through and chill – Miguel lyrics

Lyrics Miguel – Come through and chill Yeah, I don’t wanna put no pressure on ya I just wanna put a blessing on ya Since our last undressin’ session, I’m not really sure if you’ve been checkin’ I’m progressin’, I just heard my songs is poppin’ out in Macedonia And even Serbia, I don’t mean […]

Pineapple skies – Miguel lyrics

Lyrics Miguel – Pineapple skies Are the trees high enough baby? Lead us so high you think we won’t touch the ground Won’t you look up baby? Smiling at the purple skies Promise everything gon’ be alright (Miguel – Pineapple skies) Oh, I’ll promise everything gon’ be alright What’s wrong, everything gon’ be alright Oh, […]

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