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question - alex aiono

Question – Alex Aiono lyrics

Lyric Alex Aiono – Question I used to hit you after midnight You were over on the west side, west side I was always on your best side Giving you the best times, best...

lost in your light - dua lipa

Lost in your light – Dua Lipa lyrics

Lyrics Dua Lipa – Lost in your light Over and over Waves of frightening feelings Floating weightless, I’m willing My will keeps bending and breaking Honey.(lost in your light) Hold me, trust me Let...

broken - dnmo

Broken – DNMO feat. Sub Urban lyrics

Lyrics DNMO – Broken I don’t even want to watch it last I just wanna bask in shattered glass Pick each fragment up one at a time Shards inside my skin..(broken) Want you to...