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tension - fergie

Tension – Fergie lyrics

Lyrics Fergie – Tension All these vibes, so blase blase blah I need your high, c’mon c’mon c’mon My throat is dry, come pour some more, some more When we lock eyes, I’m yours,...

hold tight - felix cartal

Hold tight – Felix Cartal lyrics

Lyrics Felix Cartal – Hold tight Hold tight. (x4) Instrumental. Hold tiiight. (x8) Instrumental Hold tighttt. (x8) Felix Cartal lyrics Video tight

paradise - luude

Paradise – Luude featuring Twerl lyrics

Lyrics Luude – Paradise Me and you vamos a Drink it up, drink it up Sipping, pull you closer Like these waves in my cup.(paradise) Travel far from over Cause I can’t get enough...

attention - kevin gates

Attention – Kevin Gates lyrics

Lyrics Kevin Gates – Attention Walk without an entourage in which I won’t discuss Killers in New York in the clink, they know enough My celly spit in the sink, one blink, I’m sheddin’...