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o grave bater - mc kevinho

O grave bater – Mc Kevinho letra

Letra Mc Kevinho – O grave bater É o novo hit do verão Pra geral curtir Ela joga o bumbum pro alto Não dá pra resistir.(o grave bater) Nem tenta pagar de santinha Que...

children of a miracle - don diablo

Children of a miracle – Don Diablo lyrics

Lyrics Don Diablo – Children of a miracle Miracle, miracle, miracle Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle.(children of a miracle) Sea of flames, taking hold They’re throwing oil on burning water They raise the tides We...

cold hearted - bryce fox

Cold hearted – Bryce Fox lyrics

Lyrics Bryce Fox – Cold hearted It’s somewhere north of Florida A little west of Georgia At my best, you’re not impressed ‘Cause I’m a loser Both my wings are frozen, cold like Minnesota...