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facts - phora

Facts – Phora lyrics

Lyrics Phora – Facts Hold up, look I just can’t f*ck with y’all All you lookin’ funny, man, what’s up with y’all? Anything you doin’, man, we not involved Funny how we used to...

speak - famous dex

Speak – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Speak Speak, a brand new hot rap song by Famous Dex. Famous Dex lyrics Video Famous DEX

go easy - delinquent habits

Go easy – Delinquent Habits lyrics

Lyrics Delinquent Habits – Go easy Go easy tonight Like the morning after saturday night. Everybody will be doin’ it right Won’t you get dressed, look best, come out tonight. Go easy tonight Like...

formula - desiigner

Formula – Desiigner lyrics

Lyrics Desiigner – Formula My b*tch, coco Your b*tch, ocho Bad b*tch, loco Court side with a bad b*tch Hey, your b*tch, she has the formula Hey, yeah, you gon’ think she has the...