loco lyrics

Loco – Machine Gun Kelly lyrics

Lyrics Loco – Machine Gun Kelly Loco lyrics by Machine Gun Kelly Hated the most, so I keep my haters close Let em know I want the smoke, so much bread I gotta boast This burner turn you into toast I’m so G I don’t keep that pistol on me Ay I’ll beat yo ass you […]

Loco – Nervo feat. Danny Avila lyrics

Lyrics Nervo – Loco Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina Everybody loco Espana, Sudamerica Are you with me? Don’t know what it is But I’m lovin’ it And it’s making me Making me go loco What we’re doing now Got me zooming out Everybody now, Everybody locooo. Lo Lo Lo Locoo Are you luste buena? Go, Go, […]

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