Harley Quinn lyrics

Harley Quinn – Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Harley Quinn – Chief Keef Harley Quinn lyrics Caught a fox, cut his tail off (Bang) Seen a rat, stomped his head off (Come here) Blue Summer, turn into a red Fall Make a nigga run fast, call ’em Sonic Hedgehog We let off some shots, they gon’ all be dead (Bang) I told my daughter stop breakin’ […]

Harley Quinn – Princess NOkia lyrics

Lyrics Harley Quinn – Princess NOkia Harley quinn lyrics Welcome to the circus I’m causing a disturbance I’m twisted in the head I’m a little bit annoying I’m gross I’m sick I’m too legit to quit Got bitches showing tits and boys moshing in the pit It’s a rocket in my pocket and I’m not […]

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