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fading vallis alps

Fading – Vallis Alps lyrics

Lyrics Vallis Alps – Fading On your eyelids. Orbits lighted. Stories in the lines across your face.(fading) Thought and reason. Reappearing. Holding out your hands against the race. And I didn’t think I would...

what you need - baynk

What you need – Baynk feat. Nika lyrics

Lyrics Baynk – What you need Boy you had it from the start. Played the game, you played your part. Heavy hearts and costless dreams. Had the cause to make belief.(what you need) Boy...

meet me - mickey valen

Meet me lyrics – Mickey Valen feat. Noe

Lyrics Mickey Valen – Meet me Been countin’ all your aces, you ain’t winnin’. Your phone book full of numbers ‘stead of names. All them vain decisions keep you jaded. You could have found...