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hanging on - totem

Hanging on – Totem lyrics

Lyrics Totem – Hanging on I’m blown away how you can play the innocent You burned it all down Why do I stay to catch a glimpse of what we know Will never be...

dreams - snavs

Dreams – Snavs featuring ReauBeau lyrics

Lyrics Snavs – Dreams I’m in a sleep-drunk-daze I don’t wanna wake up I feel your breath on me Drowning in the covers.(dreams) I twist and turn My heart is racing, racing I catch...

begin - shallou

Begin – Shallou featuring Wales lyrics

Lyrics Shallou – Begin Change your mind ‘Cause I wasn’t thinking right We can begin at the top Am I waking you up? Alright. (x7) Oohhh This is your life Does everything look alright?...