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immortal - elley duhe

Immortal – Elley Duhe lyrics

Lyrics Elley Duhe – Immortal We be sailin’ in tha chopper road killin’ like we vultures I became the queen when I rode with them brothers Lamb turned to lion I eat nightmares for...

satellite - filatov

Satellite – Filatov feat. Karas lyrics

Lyrics Filatov – Satellite Now the time’s right, I’m highly tied up. If you reach my mind, we gonna hit the top. Leave it all behind, I will be your gate. Day and night.(satellite)...

everything - smnm

Everything – SMNM lyrics

Lyrics SMNM – Everything A double cup to forget. To forget what you said. Love me like you hurt me so bad, so bad.(everything) You’re on my mind. Thinking ’bout you all the time....