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stay high - ida

Stay high – Ida feat. We Are Loud lyrics

Lyrics Ida – Stay high Slow motion got me hypnotized. Let me tell you something boy. You better be sure I ain’t gonna’ get hard on lie. Fast forward passing angry vine. We gonna’...

gemini - hydde

Gemini – Hydde & Runn lyrics

Lyrics Hydde – Gemini Something felt so strange when I traded my trust for you. Cause I made this mistake just enough to know I’ve been used. I can see through every time you...

morse - williem ardui

Morse – Williem Ardui lyrics

Lyrics Williem Ardui – Morse Voor ik dook in de branding van je hart voor ik verdronk in de golven van je haar.(morse) Als een soort morse over zee maken we spelfouten alle twee...