Dropout – Youngboy Nba lyrics

Lyrics Dropout – Youngboy Nba Dropout lyrics by Nba Youngboy Say, you see that nigga in the cut, yeah him right there Aye watch him, he keep lookin’ over here Bae, bae, they must be thinkin’ we won’t rock out Soon as them niggas pop out, I’m bound to let some shots out We pull […]

Rock n roll – Dropout lyrics

Lyrics Dropout – Rock n roll Living in the fast lane Sometimes it’s a blur Sorting through the plastic Looking for a her Yeah a lady, it’s kinda craze But maybe she’s the one Feeding of my feelings Sweating from my hands Bouncing of the ceiling ‘Cause I don’t understand What you doing to my […]

Handcrafted – Dropout lyrics

Lyrics Dropout – Handcrafted Handcrafted ’cause you’re one of a kind. Give it in, take me out. Stop running ’cause I’m not far behind. The shadow of your doubt. Handcrafted but you’re still not enough. Tell yourself, yourself, what you wanna be. Your hole that I can fill with love. If you’re on your rails […]

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