check lyrics

Check – SosMula lyrics

Lyrics Check – SosMula Check lyrics Check out my check Yeah check it out uh (Check it out) Check out my flex uh (Flex flex) Nigga I’m flexin’ outtt Bust checks – SosMula lyrics Lyrics Bust checks – SosMula Bust checks lyrics Know it is a .. pack I’mma sell drugs wherever the party Paycheck […]

Check – Clay Perry lyrics

Lyrics Check – Clay Perry Check lyrics I don’t know what they told you But you dont wanna fuck with me I came for the throne I’m here to kill the king I dont want the crown But I’m here to claim what’s mine I’ve bee. Pretty patient But I’m thinking nows the time What were you thinking Why […]

Check – Dj Esco feat. Future lyrics

Lyrics Future – Check – Dj Esco I get to these racks consistently Who gon’ stop me now? They keep talkin’, talkin’ ’bout drugs ‘Bout to pop one now I just cashed out on two-door Maybach Who talkin’ now? I just fucked up me a check Bitch, I’m ballin’ out. I put a pool on […]

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