adrien broner

All I want – Nba Youngboy lyrics

Lyrics Adrien Broner – All I want – Nba Youngboy I lost a lot of money, I lost friends, but all I want is the money back Niggas saying they gon’ rob me but I ain’t worried ’bout none of that I’m in some all black Off-White, I got the gun to match You take a […]

Horses wanted – Adrien Broner lyrics

Lyrics Adrien Broner – Horses wanted Aye, a lot of horses, Ralph Lauren Aye, these are foreigns, not Jordans Aye, aye, I got a lot of swag on me Aye, aye, I got a lot of cash on me Aye, aye, I’m throwing money, they throwing soap Aye, aye, said I’m throwing money they throwing […]

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