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make love - joe stone

Make love – Joe Stone lyrics

Lyrics Joe Stone – Make love I like to party, everybody does. Make love when listening to music You gotta let yourself go, go-goo. I like to party, everybody does. You can’t wait for...

go ahead boy - janee

Go ahead boy – Janee lyrics

Lyrics Janee – Go ahead boy There’s a blue bird in the sky above And it whispers to my head some words of love. Versuri-lyrics.info (go ahead boy) Please live you life, don’t take...

bravo - mhd

Bravo -MHD paroles

Paroles MHD – Bravo Ma story n’est pas finie Je suis qu’à 30% mais l’équipage en redemande Ou j’irais ? Moi j’irai dans les bacs Un, dos, tres, double disque de platine, n’ai pas...