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pray for me - said the sky

Pray for me – Said the Sky feat. Origami lyrics

Lyrics Said the Sky – Pray for me I lose my eye sight Feeling like a ghost in town alone Eyes,eyes through the stars want to play Versuri-lyrics.info You just pray for me I...

rille - celo

Rille – Celo feat. Abdi songtexte

Songtexte Celo – Rille Brate, ich bin total rille Choya, ich bin auf Jacky-Cola Brate, ich bin total rillé Yeah, yeahhh! Rillé, rillé werd’ ich zum Buheri Timmy! Timmy! Tourette, du Hurenkind MDMA im...

nsfw - riles

NSFW – Riles lyrics

Riles – NSFW lyrics “Hahahahaa I told you I told you the struggle is only starting Believe me..”(nsfw) Weed in my lungs Weed on my mind Why the f*ck am I smoking like a...