Starlito – Feelings

Versuri Starlito РFeelings

I hate that feeling I be feeling when we fight
Two wrongs can’t get it right
Mix the angle with the sprite
Says like what’s that in my sprite
I’m chemically unbalanced, irrational when challenged
No manager but I manage
Sometimes I wanna vanish
My mama disadvantage
She crying but I don’t feel sorry
You signed up for this, I’m saying
It’s playing all out in my cook,
No this is not no liquid courage
I just banned and shot a nigga
I just wanna sip my shoe
You can’t see the signs, I don’t wanna be disturbed
200 pounds a minute, I don’t wanna see no birds
What the fuck you mean? You fuck what you done heard
All my phones on silent, used to make five yeah at church
12.5 for a sleeve, 25 for the shirt
Baby lying bout the work, all these niggas jerks
I’ve been through the worse, I take my strap with me to church
Feel played, I’ma take someee
That’s my reimbursement
Spend my place, cold them
They can test on being worse on these rap niggas
Like these Instagram bitches
That’s not me in person
Worse I’m still a mark some
I’ve been working on some,
Don’t worry, it’s coming
Black shit don’t burn
You wanna know what I feel
That’s all taking
I feel like taking a nigga trick and going in
I feel like taking a nigga’s sack and blowing ten
But damn I feel like calm when they caught up with me Latin
I feel like bolstered before he got locked up,
I’m still happy, I’m trigger happy
With 3 shows, back to back to back
I feel Jackson, a young thug, feel like Fightball
I’m still sniffing
Working, … just ask them, they really acting
Two hundreds so I’m skills and momentums but
Upon reel with that extendo blood hit
We holler mars on they as they open
By 10 o’clock I’m just my niggas free the Gaza
Think about them a lot
Free my niggaaaaa

Starlito – Feelings
Starlito - Feelings

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