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me ama - mc gustta

Me ama – Mc Gustta letra

Letra Mc Gustta – Me ama Posso ser de todas elas Mas meu coração é teu Me ama Tu já sabe que não me perdeu É só você Malandra Gosto quando você me olha...

what u want - plvtinum

What u want – PLVTINUM lyrics

Lyrics PLVTINUM – What u want Cigarettes and grey goose On your tongue I can feel the distance Between us.(what u want) When you’re lying next to me Tell me what you want from me. Baby we can fix this We’re still young Tell me does he protect you When you break down I’m nothing but a memory Tell me what you want from me. Its getting late But you’re still not home If you don’t love me Let me go I gave you faith in your shattered soul Tell What You Want From Me. Tell me what you want from me Tell me what you want from me. I feel the hesitation In your touch We used to be the one thing I couldn’t fuck up Promises you gave to me...

malcolm - ninho

Malcolm – Ninho paroles

Paroles Ninhi – Malcolm 3 grammes, 3 clopes, je vais peut-être mourir comme Malcolm Phillipp Plein, René Lacoste, nous feront tomber dans la drogue Je n’oublie pas mais je pardonne Méfiant, mafieux comme Al...