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while we re dreaming - two friends

While we re dreaming – Two Friends lyrics

Lyrics Two Friends – While we re dreaming Yeah, lead you home through the city lights We were rebels on rooftops on mom’s apartment Held you close ’cause you’re scared of heights(while we re...

tension - fergie

Tension – Fergie lyrics

Lyrics Fergie – Tension All these vibes, so blase blase blah I need your high, c’mon c’mon c’mon My throat is dry, come pour some more, some more When we lock eyes, I’m yours,...

hold tight - felix cartal

Hold tight – Felix Cartal lyrics

Lyrics Felix Cartal – Hold tight Hold tight. (x4) Instrumental. Hold tiiight. (x8) Instrumental Hold tighttt. (x8) Felix Cartal lyrics Video tight

paradise - luude

Paradise – Luude featuring Twerl lyrics

Lyrics Luude – Paradise Me and you vamos a Drink it up, drink it up Sipping, pull you closer Like these waves in my cup.(paradise) Travel far from over Cause I can’t get enough...