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chapa chapa - mozart la para

Chapa chapa – Mozart la Para letra

Letra Mozart la Para – Chapa chapa Mueve esa chapa chapa, al sonido de la cama. (x4) Chapa, chapa, chapa chapa, chapa. (x4) Mueve esa chapa, tu eres la más dura, más dura en...

hot thoughts - spoon

Hot thoughts – Spoon lyrics

Lyrics Spoon – Hot thoughts Hot thoughts melting my mind Could be your accent mixing with mine You got me uptight, twisting inside Hot thoughts all in my mind and all of the time,...

man - star cast

Man – Star Cast lyrics

Lyrics Star Cast – Man My friends say that I’m crazy (You crazy girl) Cause I give you my love But you my little sexy baby You do it to me good.(man) I like...