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same thang - migos

Same thang – Migos feat. John Wic lyrics

Lyrics Migos – Same thang All my niggas workin’ Trappin’, cappin, servin’ Ballin’, James Worthy Geekin’ off a perky Up early, trappin’ real early Cup real dirty, whatcha workin’? Migos having birdies I don’t...

want you to fly - j. cole

Want you to fly – J. Cole lyrics

Lyrics J. Cole – Want you to fly Yeah, uhhh God is real and he usin’ me for a bigger purpose So f**k the world that would have you think that a nigga worthless...

illuminate - duumu

Illuminate – Duumu lyrics

Lyrics Duumu – Illuminate I know it’s easy to get lost in yesterday. To bring back all these things I know you loved them But I know that I can try again To warm...