Versuri Lyrics

wow - famous dex

Wow – Famous Dex lyrics

Lyrics Famous Dex – Like wow Hold up wait, turn me up sis Hold up wait, my phone wait, wait Sci Fi on the beat Oh Man God Damn.(wow) Red head like Matt Hardy...

dirty wine - wizkid

Dirty Wine – Wizkid feat. Ty Dolla Sign lyrics

Lyrics Wizkid – Dirty Wine Ohhh Let me see you dirty wine suh Ohhhhhh Go on show me how you wine suh My shawty dirty wine suh In the middle of the dance floor...

chances - mesto

Chances – Mesto feat. Brielle Von Hugel lyrics

Lyrics Mesto – Chances Hold tight, and don’t let go all the night I’m keepin’ you close we’re alright. Who cares if we don’t know where we’re goin’.(chances) Good vibes, the stars will know...