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wonder woman - jojo

Wonder woman – Jojo lyrics

Lyrics JOJO – Wonder woman Reminiscing Touching all the places that your lips were kissing From the bedroom to the hallway, in the kitchen Where our fantasies came true Well, it’s been a minute...

molly - lil pump

Molly – Lil Pump lyrics

Lyrics Lil Pump – Molly I got designer from my head to my toe I’m on a Xan and my b*tch on that coke I got Givenchy all over my coat I’m off that...

pie - future

Pie – Future feat. Chris Brown lyrics

Lyrics Future – Pie Freebandz Pie, pieee Pie, pieee (yeah) Pie, pieee Make her sorry, you should know (ooh) The kinda chick you’ll never be alone (Yeah) Make her sorry, you should know (ooh)...