Versuri Lyrics

bonita - anuel aa

Bonita – Anuel AA letra

Letra Anuel AA – Bonita Ella anda con su novio paseando por el mall Esperando a bajar el ascensor La llamo al celular y no se atreve a contestar.(bonita) Sube la llamada y se...

need you - ydg

Need you – Armnhmr & Ydg lyrics

Lyrics Ydg – Need you Don’t know how you get so far away. Feeling all the empty heart and pain. All night in naked times they leave me to belive. I call you every...

on and off - maggie rogers

On and off – Maggie Rogers lyrics

Lyrics Maggie Rogers – On and off I’m coming up slowly I’m high on emotion With waves of this feeling As light as the ocean And then I see you When I feel like...