off the leash – BabySantana lyrics

Lyrics off the leash – BabySantana

Off the leash lyrics
I had to get off the leash
I had to block her and then go delete
Me and Luis used to sleep in the street
Smoke gas, go to sleep and repeat
Hit her raw and then I don’t clean the sheets
Hit her, kick her out and then go to sleep
Wake up, count some money, then brush my teeth
I had to get off the leash and then go
So many times
I could’ve killed yo’ bro
So many times
I could have smoked his pack
So many times
yo’ girl was rubbin’ my back
So many times
I could’ve stole yo’ pack
Called up lil’ Maajins told him, “Send me a pack”
I kept it real cause I can’t fold on my slatt
You kept it fake, I heard you told and you rat, gang

[Verse 2: yvngxchris]
I got off the leash, told that boy to get lost
I got yo’ bitch favorite song on TikTok
I’m in yo’ house posted with a big Glock
I got a shooter, he lookin’ like BabySantana, he kind of
little with some dreadlocks
Glock 19 with a beam at ya headtop
Pull out the AK-47, aim it at you, that’s a dead opp
And I got that lil’ nigga wonderin’, like, “What is this shit
on my head?”
It’s a red dot
And I wouldn’t go fuck on that bitch but I’m gettin’ that
throat ’cause that ho’ give the best top
I’m finna slide on that nigga three times with the K, think
I’m in the Klan
Bitch, I got a Glock 9, make him rewind, got a fuck-boy
pissin’ his pants
If you tryna fuck, damn,
you out of luck, had to tell that bitch she ain’t got a
Slide into yo’ hood, nigga, like, “What’s good?” What’s up in
this wood? Nigga, that’s yo’ mans
What’s up in this wood? Nigga, that’s yo’ brother
Damn, I got a cutter
You know my Glock got a dick, yo’ Glock got a dick, no Lil
Nas X, they fuckin’ each other
And I’m not finna cap, I’m not with the funs, let’s put down
the guns, let’s see who is tougher
And I’m not finna cap, your mom is a slut,
might pop out the cut and fuck on ya mother
And I’m not finna cap,
when I hit from the back, that shit was a act, I’m yvngxchris
And I’m not finna cap, post up in the trap, bitch, I got the
strap but yvngxchris tuck her (What?)
You get it? (Nah) But my nigga, that shit was simple (Okay)
I heard that lil’ nigga got class,
in a second, I might give him early dismissal (Okay)
And I really be lovin’ my damn AK but I might hit his ass
with the pistol (Okay)
And I might go hit him with the TEC like a ref when he
blowin’ the whistle (Like okay)

[Verse 3: Luisss]
Bow, bow, bow
I-I had to get off the leash
Money counter, that bitch beep,
me and Tana ran twenty bands up in a week,
Tana and Luis skrrt off in a Buick, so we don’t need
Trackhawk Jeeps
Big body money, got a mill like Meek
I-I heard your money was weak
Me and Tana up in New York gettin’ breesh
Got a bad bitch, I think her name Elyce (Fah)
Yeah, I got the keys, I’m feelin’ like Alicia
This not a rental bitch, this not a lease
I got the (Bow), bitch go freak
Got a bad white girl like Miss Bo Peep
I had to get a choppa, NLE

[Bridge: Luisss & BabySantana]
I had to get off the..

I had to get off the leash
I had to get off the leashhh (x16)

off the leash – BabySantana lyrics
off the leash - BabySantana
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