Lullaby – Chris Webby lyrics

Lyrics Lullaby – Chris Webby

Lullaby lyrics
I’ve been looking at a world that’s been put to sleep
This s*** animal farming is full of sheep
While the pigs run everything within reach,
but I am the wolf for the truth to preach
I don’t wanna be the one to have to wake you up
and deliver you the facts that’ll shake you up
I might throw my own life on the line for this
but it’s a risk that I feel I gotta take so forth
I gotta do what I do and speak to y’all best as I can as

I watch him sleep and talk less
about the things that are true
While the news that they feed to use accurate
as a PCR test meaning not at all
They lie and deceive, you know voices
to follow the silence the leaders
The only ones left got a mile demeanor
that stick to their orders and follow procedure, but I’m My Own
I don’t lie to myself
I speak what I want and take proud of myself
Cancel the meat will require some help f***
I’m gonna do fire myself tell guess it is what it is
When it gets to real get back in your crib
and let the lullaby that they sing
to you ease you off to sleep and it goes like this

Hard to carry and the truth has been hard to find
they dumb it down because being smart is scary
and give you the pills that will calm your mind
I’ve been saying for years that
the government’s evil corrupted and nothing
But puppets to those that are running the planet
So when a pandemic you wanna sleep think
I’ll be trusting these people I get it
Y’all think I’m conspiracy crazy from all
of the s*** that you hit for me lately.

God forbid
I ask questions right?
It’s too much for you then just hush little baby
Go back to sleep like they want you to believe
all the things that are on the news believe
all the lies and cover your your eyes to anyway
I think and that is not your view
It’s easier that way right, so don’t fight
just don’t make a peep going live your life
be a sheep like the ones that you count at night and stay sleep
Everything will be all right, right,
but it is what it is gets to real get back in your crib
and let the lullaby that they sing
to you ease you off to sleep and it goes likeee

Lullaby – Chris Webby lyrics
Lullaby - Chris Webby
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