Letty, Marcel Pavel & Ja’Mike – Closer

Versuri Letty, Marcel Pavel & Ja’Mike – Closer

you said ‘go home and never come back’
i never knew, never want again,
never thought it, I would catch a string that
i knew it from the first time
i would hold it not resist
after shouting ‘you’re a beast’
in my big brown eyes
always ready to lie
in my big brown eyes
ready to lie
you said i love him
but you can no more, did you say no more
that you can’t let go, ’cause
oooo, noooo
i can’t let you gooo

l’amore vincera’, l’amore vincera’
ti amo, ti amooo
l’amore vincera’, l’amore vince
ti amo, ti amoo

i know you’ll try, i say no lie
don’t cry, no more tears in your eye
your lo-lo-love no cry, my heart just dies
but I thought you know me
and I thought thought thought that you want me
but now I’m lonely
’cause you don’t roll with me

loving the wrong person it’s like a sacrifice
also little time on window price
i better keep it simple when i try to love ya
’cause in your chest is a hole of a wrong size

L’amore vincera’, l’amore vincera’
Ti amo, ti amooo
L’amore vincera’, l’amore vince
Ti amo, ti amoo

I sad come home, i just want you back
i waited so long for you say that
i waited so long for you say that
f*ck that i’m not coming back and you know that
it’s just a fact of same old song, same old track
it’s like face to face and back to back

i feel empty, so empty without you
my skin burns, my eyes are getting blue
from a reverse of tears
o tell me what should i dooo
Marcel Pavel

Letty, Marcel Pavel & Ja’Mike – Closer
LETTY feat. Marcel Pavel & Ja'Mike - CLOSER

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