Jackin for beats – Zombie lyrics

Lyrics Jackin for beats – Zombie

Jackin for beats lyrics
Me against the world with this joint in my hand
Me against your girl ’cause she’s horny again
I got the formula formulated, started manifesting it
I think my shot was broke, fixed my form and I started flexing

I don’t think I’m woke, I do my best and learn my lessons
If it ain’t the truth then I don’t really need your blessings
Yeah, I think she cute but I don’t really need distractions
How you gon’ love me if you love your exes?
I don’t speak unless I know it, I always been stoic
In my hood I’m heroic, so I’m good where I’m going
Staring at the screen saying “Probably seen him before”
But I ain’t gotta brag, been labeled one of the GOATs
Since I came in the game off the pounds of dope
And the money ain’t changed me, think I’m boujee-er though
But I’m saying, I might start singing like I’m PNB
This rap shit so easily, my package so ..

.. where the peaches be, high like the bleachers be
If I can’t feel your frequency I guess it wasn’t meant to be
.. without conditions .. she meant for me
Let’s wait and see, I’ll save a seat
Now like I was your barber
I love you like your auntie and your momma
All I smoke designer, only smoke if they roll proper
Off the top like I’m .. at the garden
Pardon .. and this chopper go on and on
As the world keeps going and my joint’s still going
I remember days when I ain’t had it, now we touring

Oh, it’s not over
Okay, fuck that shit bruh

Where the love been? Hard to feel it, hard to receive it
I done been so many places that I couldn’t believe it
And I done seen so many faces that I couldn’t unsee it
And told myself I can do better after every achievement
While everybody celebrates I’m really hurting and grieving
Suppress my thoughts behind addiction and drugs
I know I make it look easy but everybody need love
You can’t open your mind until you feel from the gut
Until you open your heart, the intuition creep up
Get so detached sometimes it feel like I’m stuck
Tryna learn and be present so I can count all my blessings
Look what you got, how you stressing

I’m saying life is too short, too short
Manifested this life I was destined ..
Success comes from within, not what they think it feels like
Their perceptions gonna have you in your head overnight
But I think before I blink, I make decisions precisely
They normalize hate and pain ’cause deep down it’s hard to
Generational trauma, maybe we all to blame
And everybody wanna live that life, but everybody can’t live up
to the hype

Man, can’t everybody be stars overnight
It’s like the cycle never stops until somebody hits the brakes
Before we raise another generation guided by hate
And colorism, ..
No pops is missing, I’m just tryna hard living
They say we all .., God’s children ..
All sinning, all forgiven, but don’t forget you are ..
I’m never changing ‘less it’s growth in it
I’m never changing ‘less it’s growth in it

Give us a verse
I think it’s time to talk a little shit
I think it’s time to talk a little shit
Give us a verse
Zombie Juice, talk to ’em

I’m back with it with more .. an ounce
.. an eight, 600 an ounce
Profit make her fall in love, it jiggle when she bounce
Then she saying my dick .. drippin’ like a fountain
Bandana .. Santana high
Like I’m Van Damme ..
Like I’m Paul Walker glide
Like I’m Clyde in the fourth quarter
They saying “How you walk on water?”
On or off the track I’m sorta something like you never thought
They tryna duplicate but I’m the source
And .. got the sauce, walking like I been the boss
.. tryna get up in her drawers
Fucked her on the ceiling, .. the floor
Greyhound Peter Pan across the stage ..
Might put the stick up to your nose like I’m testing for the
I got 69 ways .. and I told yet

69 ways to mess ..
Think about where I’m from, where I’m going, had to remain
The game gon’ have you torn, the closest to you wanna see you
Ain’t have to stunt, .. he ain’t have to front
These rappers actors, they switching scenes like I’m smoking
.. ’cause I load it up
I’m in the booth, bottles up, pinkies up (Pinkies up)
Uh-huh, and I’m up like
I’m on a cloud looking down, they up
They like I’m on a cloud looking down
Back against the wall, I’m riding til the wheels fall
Haters suck my dick off, smoking up my bitch car

Feeling like the BasedGod, still an icon, no Jaden
I might fuck around and sign with Roc Nation
Been on a little mental vacation
.. three thou, popped out at sunset
If it ain’t about the love then I can’t make it
I love it the way she ..
Eat the pussy like the Last Supper, I won’t waste it
And you know them .. right where you can taste it
What happened to being original?
All this faking and simulation, everybody sound digital
Nobody is critical, survival of the fittest
Been a menace to society since a little ..
I like some wasabi .., she looking like the protoype
Pull up, I’m like dolomite ..
She gon’ let me hit and I ain’t paying for it, money in the
.. my granny said I need a shank
They be like “Y’all still together? Y’all a group and y’all
still singing?”
And my brothers, fuck you saying
Get it how I live .. through the roof
Right in Erick’s room smoking quarters in the stu
Piece of cake, split it if I got it so do you
.. what you wanna do

Local niggas who .. like granny cooking
You know them show dates nigga, know when I’ll be in Brooklyn
.. on blocks
You using other niggas name just to prove you hot
I been a student of the game since they shot 2Pac
I got a hundred thou that say you never gon’ get hot
Stupid bitch, fucking with me is a death threat
My moms and my pops ain’t here, I’m prolly up next
Got nothing to lose, my nigga so fuck y’all ten cents
Hating but I been lit since we was smoking ..
Had an epiphany of what the game been missing
So stay in your lane before you end up off course
And I don’t care ’bout what rap nigga endorsed you
‘Cause the niggas that I’m with don’t give a fuck if you
Went and called an Uber then I had to pipe her frienddd

Jackin for beats – Zombie lyrics
Jackin for beats - Zombie
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