Day before – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics Day before – Young Thug

Day before lyrics
S-N-double-O-P, I’m a dizzog
Shit, he was talking brazy, I ain’t lie, I knocked the nigga
I ain’t tryna give him a chance to kill me or take the stand on

He know I just had a hundred thousand Ps Saran’d on me
I had to hand out all the rooms so she can’t say I molested
I tried to take back all the watches, rings, and the necklaces
She said I’m takin’ full advantage ’cause I’m never stressin’
‘Cause I had feelings for this girl that barely owned a
Don’t get me wrong ’cause it ain’t nothing ’bout they money,

I meant to tell you, since a kid, I been gettin’ my own figures
I was bringin’ in the racks and she was steady shopping
I’m talking big bills, all colors, nigga, Monopoly
I ain’t trippin’, bitch, I’m sharper than a damn machete
Super different, I even stood out on my own partners
Since a kid, I been a dresser, Thousand Island
I was shittin’, my diamonds green, pissy porta-potty, woah

Bitch talk to me while I’m sleepin’,
Swimmin’ in the linen like deep-end,
All I ever needed was a alibi,
I don’t need a motherfucking reason
Out of mind, so I keep a pizzy
Everything a hundred, I don’t ever leave a fifty,
Did my own half-time, if I was simple
What the fuck you think I’m rich for?
Why you think I’m always talking
shit with my hand on my dick?
In the crib, these bitches turned it to a strip show
It’s what it is, though
Yeah, yeah, it’s what it is, though

Leave me alone, take your ass home
If it ain’t another million,
I ain’t pickin’ up the phone
Phony motherfuckers always sittin’ on a throne
All I want’s some pussy, baby, give a dog a bone, yeah, yeah
I don’t need a lot, but I got a lot
I don’t need a lot, but I got a lot, yeah
Two hundred for the whip in the parking lot
Everything cuttin’, turn this shit into a barbershop
Swear I’m always shinin’, couldn’t tell you if it’s dark or not
Just a couple things I thought abouttt

Day before – Young Thug lyrics
Day before - Young Thug
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