Darryl Freestyle – DDG lyrics

Lyrics Darryl Freestyle – DDG

Darryl freestyle lyrics
Doing shows all across of the world
I run into different girls, that’s livingin different worlds
I show behavioral DDG, but it s never Darryl
Internet search, she wanna link, I sent her the url
You get it? That’s a url
And if you did, then I could not tell
I haven’t found a piece of entertainment, that I could not sell
But when the camera come off, man I am quiet as hell
More observant than anything
I am addicted to money like niggas on methamphetamine
I made it out and put the fam on that is credit me
Like BTS, I am on the K-Pop but it’s ketamine
High as I can get, I am trying shit that I shouldn’t try
My logic is that I only do it once and I shouldn’t die
Goin’ broke to me is just as dangerous as suicide
I don’t do division or subtraction, I multiply
Silver spoon kid, I know Halo the one for nothing
He crying, his mama coming, she stronger than Wonder Woman
Couldn’t let this city chew me up, but I stayed a hunnid
That’s the main reason, when they beef me them niggas plummet
Barely back inside of the city, cause niggas hate and I love it

Don’t get mistaken, I’m missing familiar faces
People that I ain’t seen in ages, they prolly just think I’m fakin’, I prolly forgot about ’em
But I miss a lot about ’em, I barely be makin’ friends, I really I make ammends
You cross me one time, and I promise you that’s the end
I’m negative in Vegas, I’m in debt like a hunnid bands, I don’t need to play again
But that’s another conversation
It’s too much pressure when you turn, but I can take it
Whoever said it’s gon’ be easy when you make it?
Whoever said it’s gon’ be easy when you gettin’ the money and gettin’ the women
I prolly said one word to her, she already swimming
The light never dimmin’, the fuck is you kidding?
The CEO main focus is handling business
Check the ring cam, make this, hit this, motion inside the kitchen
I seen it and started tripping, the turn on is just the kittens
Hope nobody break in, niggas for murder mitten
Got my loadout, and this meta is never missing
Never claimed to be a killer, I play it smarter
These niggas be working hard and I managed to make it farther
So why the fuck should niggas follow you?
So why the fuck should nigga- (mhm-mhm)
I don’t know what to say next, the Rich Amir’, titanium and it weigh less
I just wanna hit it from the back, can you say yes?
I told you that I trust you, why the fuck we have safe sex? (the fuck?)
I don’t know man, I’m just ramblin’
Tryna find the next word to say, like I’m scramblin’
Not ignoring you, I’m examinin’
Comin’ up with conspiracy theories when I’m on cannabis
Fuckkk (Darryl freestyle lyrics)

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Darryl Freestyle – DDG lyrics
Darryl Freestyle - DDG
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