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perfect - khalid

Perfect – Khalid lyrics

Lyrics Khalid – Perfect I’ve been on my own for a long time, I’m feelin’ kinda lonely Nothing’s fun when I’m the only one out here who knows me Something’s stopping me from becoming...

new dawn - bad computer

New dawn – Bad Computer lyrics

Lyrics Bad Computer – New dawn I’m far from home No place to go But I don’t feel cold I’ve been so blind Just lost my mind But all I have lost to find...

e o tum tum tum - mc davi

E o tum tum tum – Mc Davi letra

Letra Mc Davi – E o tum tum tum E o tum tum tum Controla a cintura dela. No condominio Na comunidade Em todo o Brasil Isso é o funk, tio. Bombardeei de hit...