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heart speak - dzeko

Heart speak – Dzeko feat. Toka-J lyrics

Lyrics Dzeko – Heart speak All my thoughts they run around. I’m screaming out but there’s no sound. Fire starts, I can’t get out. My mind needs to settle down.(heart speak) I need to...

space - famba

Space – Famba feat. Toito & Karli lyrics

Lyrics Famba – Space You’re a 1000 miles away my dear. But my sweater smells like your perfume. I’m lost a long mulholland drive. But I swear to God I’m still with you.(space) I...

lonely together - avicii

Lonely together – Avicii lyrics

Lyrics Avicii – Lonely together It’s you and your world and I’m caught in the middle I caught the edge of a knife and it hurts just a little And I know, and I...